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There are always question in an undertaking like a "DIY" home and hopefully you'll find your answer below. If not we are always happy to get a call, email, fax or drop in to get your query resolved. We will respond to all questions and if relevant will update or FAQ's for others to see as well. 

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Product Related Questions

All Steel Homes supplies the engineering, flooring system (if required) Portal framing system and roof sheeting plus all brackets, nuts and bolts and screws to complete the home to frame up.

Many All Steel Homes clients live in remote or rural areas where transit damage and costs can be a potential factor. We have negotiated with dealers across QLD. and N.S.W. to supply these and more items at a discount rate direct to you, naturally you are free to purchase these items wherever you like. This gives you the ability to order exactly what you want in colour, size and finish plus coordinate delivery or pick up at time that suits you during construction. You have complete control over your costs and also the freedom to make changes up until the last minute.

NO! and they don't in the evening either. This was a fun question and I had to contact the asker for clarification before answering. All Steel Homes don't suffer "House Clunk" (to coin a term). The noise you hear is the expansion rate difference between a steel roof system on a wooden sub frame. These two materials warm and cool at different rates and often there is an adjustment "clunk" as the house warms in the morning and cools again in the evening. All Steel Homes are just that, all steel, and the components of your home will expand and contract at the same rate (or very close to it) meaning no adjustment 'clunk".

Yes and they attain a 6 star rating quite easily through smart design (like having windows under verandas and not in direct sunlight) and effective use of insulating materials.

This is an after sales question but helps us make a good point. In the building game it's often cheaper to buy things in a "box lot" for example buy screws by the 1000 not by the 10's. This means we can get more of them to you at a better price than the exact quantity and also allows for dropped on the job losses, cross threading while installing and maybe "I'll just put an extra one here" moments. That's not to say we'll supply you with unlimited extras, we wont! We will always ensure you get enough for the job with a few for good measure.

Yes is the simple answer. All Steel Homes do not supply a concrete slab and of course the price of our kit will reduce with the subtraction of the flooring system from the order.

All Steel Homes are perfect for "imperfect" blocks. Our standard pricing allows for a mild variation in ground level and anything more significant can be remedied with adjustments to the size of the steel stumps, depending on how dramatic the slope or variation it may involve longer stumps. This will effectively make it a case by case scenario and may reflect a marginal increase in the price for the longer stumps.

No. One of the awesome aspects of building on a steel stump flooring system is that the soil classification will not affect your floor.

Customer Support Questions

We are based just outside of Bundaberg in Queensland, and are happy for you to drop in if you're going past the door. We would make you a coffee but neither Simon or Pete are good at it. Find the contact page for details.

Our hours are Monday to Friday 9 till 4. However there is always someone in the office or in the sheds working. If you want to drop in outside of office hours or during the weekend, call ahead for an appointment.

We try to answer every call within 3 rings! But reality challenges us sometimes. We will usually call you back within an hour if you get the dreaded answering machine (sorry in advance). If you have left us a doozy of a question it may take a little longer. Although we do big things for our customers we are a small team that work till our job is done!

We have a number of processes in ordering, manufacturing and packaging that ensure everything is double checked before it goes out to you. However we are always available by phone to get any problems resolved as quickly as possible, it's not a perfect world but we can fix whatever we are responsible for should we make a mistake.

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All Steel homes is online, email, on Facebook and we even have an office you're welcome to drop in at, a phone because we still enjoy talking to people and for those who still know what one is, we also have a fax! Click here for contact info.