Steel, a sensible choice!
If you love your timber framing as much as termites, then All Steel Homes is probably not the place to be!

If you're building a home you want the peace of mind for the next 100 years that it's not going to be at the mercy of insidious insects that thrive in dark, hidden places and eat timber for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yes timber can be treated, but the strength of the treatments have been reduced over the years because traces were found getting into the occupants of the houses they were trying to protect! On top of this termites have become more resistant to these weaker treatments, which only deplete in strength after application. Why risk it? Steel framed homes do not require any termite protection plan to be lodged on building application saving you money from the start and there is no need for yearly inspections or ongoing treatment either. Why such a relaxation of an important issue? Simple. Termites cannot eat steel, period! Termites so dislike steel that they would rather live next door where the folks are more obliging and provide several tons of tucker in a cool, dark, often damp environment.

Steel framing costs no more than timber. Nogging in wall frames is used to help stop timber twisting and warping. Steel does neither, so our homes do not require nogging, another saving in time and material.

Australian BHP quality steel has many advantages over pine frame construction. When did you last see a large commercial building with a timber frame? Steel's strength and durability is renown, so why not have the same advantages applied to your new home?

Let's tick some benefits:-

  • Termites cannot harm steel.
  • No costly termite prevention is required for the house frame.
  • No ongoing termite maintenance is required for the house frame.
  • And don't think termites are excluded from a timber home by fancy steel mesh either. The little blighters metamorphose each year just before a rainstorm into an air force. They are sent out on a reconnaissance mission to find food sources to migrate to. A queen follows and before you know it your house is leaning towards the east.
  • Steel has one of the highest strength to weight ratios of any building material.
  • A 50 year warranty is available on application to Bluescope for their Truecore Zincalume Supra-Frame System when used in a wall sealed by cladding on one side and plasterboard the other, which applies to every wall in an All Steel Home.
  • Steel is light and easy to work with.
  • No two pieces of timber are the same, whereas every piece of steel stud and plate are identical.
  • Steel can be formed into shapes and profiles to achieve extraordinary strength compared to pine.
  • Steel will not crack, warp, rot, twist, split or settle.
  • Steel will not shrink or swell with a change in weather or humidity. Your frame is more stable reducing the likelihood of doors and windows jamming.
  • A short in the electrical system of a steel framed house instantly triggers the circuit breaker making it a safer house and one less likely to be subject to an electrical fire. Many insurance companies offer a discount for a steel framed house because of this benefit.
  • There are no nails in a steel frame. Everything including the cladding is screwed tight. Timber often dries and contracts and can release nails at embarrassing windy moments! An All Steel Home can virtually be built with a single screw-gun! And two spanners and a level and, and....... but a good screw gun is essential. If you have been patient enough to read this rant, mention it to us and we will include a complimentary screw gun and the two spanners with your house. 
Does steel 'bang' when it expands and contracts in the morning and evening? Only when steel roofing is installed on timber trusses. This occurs because the two materials expand at different rates. Steel roofing on steel purlins do not 'bang.'

At All Steel Homes we supply most materials cut to size so you have less waste. Many other products are overlapping to save cutting and mistakes. Simply slide the two back and forth to obtain the correct lengths. These attributes save time in construction.

You can clad your home with nearly any product, they can be brick veneer if on a concrete slab or they can be rendered. If you're really into the Colorbond steel thing like the guy on TV, you can clad your home in steel sheeting, it's profiled to look awesome, it's already Colorbonded and so has minimal maintenance requirements for years to come! Just how we like it. Minimal work later, once it's done right in the first place.
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