What Is Easy Engineering?
What makes All Steel Homes different from every other home, especially other steel kit homes?
Our unique engineering!
This is the stuff that really makes an All Steel Home easy to assemble, and stronger than most.
Check out the animation for a simplified look at one of our frames going together!

Over the years we have always worked with the latest technology to improve our products.
Brackets that are cut with laser precision and holes that align to the millimetre means everything slides together as it should and all you need to do is fasten it tight and move on.
The way we design and build our brackets and fixing points is how we achieve extraordinary results in strength of the finished home.
You'll note in the gallery we have some framing shots of some All Steel homes being built, but did you notice there are no noggins in the wall frames? the strength of our engineering means they are not required. This saves on material costs and labour costs but the hidden gem in it is, that if you ever want to drop a line down a wall for a new power or data point or maybe a TV antenna socket in the future, you can! Try doing that with a "standard" wall.
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