Why Do It Yourself?
Building a new home is possibly one of the biggest decisions you'll ever make and it can be tricky, but we can simplify the process for you. Our staff have helped hundreds of owner builders and builders achieve their projects with our personalised service and the advantages of the All Steel Homes building system, which is one of the simplest and easy to construct systems you'll find on the market and certainly one of the strongest.

Engaging a Builder

If you engage a full house builder to handle your project we can supply him with the Architectural Plans, Structural Engineering and Energy Efficiency Report required to help obtain building approval, which will save you both time and expense. We then supply the steel floor system, roof, verandahs and complete main frame for your builder to erect. After the lock-up stage he would finish the building to your requirements and hand you the keys to the completed project.

However, a full house builder's service to this extent can be costly and there is an alternative that can save you a considerable amount. 

Owner Builder-Manager

As owner builder you are the project manager of your construction, whether you do any of the work or not. By taking on this role you can contract the trades people of your choice selecting a tradie from several quotes to complete each stage of the construction. Often these are the same trades people a builder would use, it's just that you are now the builder and you do the contracting and decision making. You can negotiate with the tradesmen whether they supply the materials or use ones you have procured, who cleans up and dumps the rubbish, the actual 'scope' of the work and payment schedules. You check their work and organise the timing of the various trades. Yes, this is work and it can be time consuming. It's also why builders charge the considerable rates that they do, but it can be a huge saving if you undertake it and really, who has a greater interest in your project, a builder who is handling several jobs at the same time or yourself?

By owner building you can personally monitor the project and see that the various stages are done correctly to your satisfaction while dealing directly with the tradesmen that actually do the work.

If you are a handyman and do some of the work yourself, you must still use qualified trades people for specialty jobs such as the plumbing and electrics. These details, advice on contracting tradesmen and many other facets of the process are described in the owner builder course that must be completed before you can be granted a building permit. Several O.B. courses are available online. The owner builder course with Absolute Education has proven popular with our clients for its clarity and ease of operation on the computer.
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