Our portal frame system is so strong that our designs do not require any internal walls to be load bearing. This allows walls to be moved or removed altogether and gives you the flexibility to design your own interior. In this website there are a couple of templates for ranch style houses 7.2 and 9.0 metres wide in bays of 3.6 metres. You can print these and sketch your design. There are also existing plans that may suit your needs or that may need a little customising. Fax or email us your sketch and we'll ring you back at a convenient time and have a chat about your project.

The paperwork starts with the floor plan. It goes back and forth until you are happy with it. 

Once you have decided on an All Steel Home design and approved the floor plan, we supply the architectural drawings, site plan, structural engineering including the Form 15 and the Energy Efficiency Report for you, or your builder, to lodge with your Local Council or Building Certifier. When you are ready we deliver the contracted materials to your site in several stages to suit your building schedule and financial requirements.

Our portal frame system is easy to erect because of the way we prepare the main columns. They are made of 75  x  75 SHS Durogal box steel that is galvanised both inside and out and have precision laser cut brackets and bolt holes to ensure they line up with adjoining materials. The majority of products we supply are either cut to length or over lapping for ease of construction. We are often asked "how difficult is it to erect one of our homes?" Over the years we have found that if you can erect a garage or shed, then you will find this much the same and in many ways simpler due to the simplicity of the main frame design. Our houses are ideal for construction by someone with limited building experience.

We exclusively use Australian BHP Colorbond, Trucore Zincalume and galvanised steel building products.

Owner Building and Owner Managing your project.

There is a clear advantage in owner building or owner managing your construction. Few builders take on every facet of building a home and use other tradesmen to complete the job. These are often the same guys that you can contract directly. You negotiate with the tradies, check their work and pay them when it is satisfactorily completed. After all, who has a greater interest in your project than you? By managing your project you can save by sourcing materials yourself from sales and suppliers and check out the vast range of finishes and fittings that are available. You will go to lengths to save money and examine the diversity of products that a builder will not. You can even do some of the work yourself and save even more!

Owner Builder courses are available online for around $200 and only take a few hours to complete. Once passed your relevant State Building Authority will provide a permit for around $400 and you are then the official builder of your home.

You can save tens of thousands of dollars by managing your own construction and our straight forward design of ranch style homes helps make the owner building process about as easy as it can be made.

If you would like some more details on the owner builder-manager process please feel free to ring our office on 07 4155 1600.    

We will also work with a builder if you choose to have one manage your construction by providing him with the above paperwork and materials.